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Messages are accompanied with scripture notes typically from the NIV translation.  They include topical subjects with application for purposeful living to God's glory 

Bible Studies

We believe that Bible Study is a key element in the growth of believers and that when gathered together for study the Holy Spirit aids believers in gaining wisdom.

Gay Thomas leads our Women's Bible Study each Wednesday 7-8:30 PM. 

Pastor Ron and Greg Killinger lead our men's Bible Study each Wednesday 6:30-8:30 PM

Our two Sunday School rooms are: 1)  Pre-School- 2nd Grade and  2) 3rd Grade- 6th Grade.  Older children either help the younger or have their own 'gallery' seating in the loft.

​A combination of art projects, memorization materials and music are used to introduce the children to Biblical Stories and easily understood Christian principles.

Children's Sunday School


Support of Missions has always been a high priority for us.  Our church has always spent 10% or more of its annual budget to support  mission work.  Our  understanding is that the mission field exist just outside our church doors and extends to the entire world. 

Mt Baldy Village Church was established in 1953.  The church building was completed in 1959. 

We have both a men's study and a Ladies study that meet each Wednesday night.

Our Worship Service

Our worship services start at 10:30 each Sunday morning and last approximately one hour.  Our worship team is led by Anthony Salerno who leads our team and our congregation in prayer, praise and gospel songs of worship.   Prayer is an important part of our service and we demonstrate by sharing our prayers during our 'Praise and Concerns' segment of our Sunday worship.  Scripture notes are provided for each message.

Pastor Ron and his wife Gay have served our church family since Christmas 1998.  Prior to 2006 Pastor Ron also worked as a Sr. Director of Engineering and Sales.  Ron's work took him to 20 countries.  While in his professional capacity he was a courier for the World Mission Church of Korea, delivering banned Christian training materials to the underground church in China

Our Pastoral Couple:

Ron and Gay Thomas

Community & Service

Community Service and Mt Baldy living is in many ways like the 'days of old'; when a small town had one church and everyone pitched in whenever there was a need; and the church was always there to lend a hand.  We still work toward this standard whether the need is of a fellow believer or not.  We challenge ourselves to act mindfully as Charles Engel  taught, "For each person is a person for whom Christ Jesus died."


Interdenominational churches believe that though Christians have many diverse expressions of worship we share One Cross, One Triune God, and are to be One Body; His Church.  In this understanding we trust that we can come together in unity when we believe that salvation is by faith alone.  We teach that Scripture is the basis for all truth and that the Apostle's Creed is a fundamental expression of that truth.