Come for the experience, 


Hillside Wedding Couple

Jesse and Debbie

When we were looking for a place to get married a friend of my wife's told us to take a look at this little church in Mt Baldy; so we did.  We walked in Saturday afternoon and my wife and I couldn't believe how beautiful this little church was.  As we stood there taking in the beauty the pastor and his wife came out to greet us.  They were two of the nicest people you could meet.  They made us feel at home.  We knew we had found that special place for that special day that we would remember for a life time.  Fast forward a year after our wedding.  My wife and I went up to Mt Baldy to celebrate our one year Wedding Anniversary.   Sunday morning we got up, went to breakfast and while eating we decided to go to church.  The pastor recognized us and mentioned us in prayer; this church has open prayer time, and we have been attending service ever since.

We have both a men's study and a Ladies study that meet each Wednesday night.

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Joel and Bernie Barbee

Rick and Julie

We are happy to tell the world of how wonderful our ceremony was.  It was the most fun we've ever had as a couple.  I remember every word of advice Pastor Ron gave to us during our pre-marital counseling.  It was life changing for Julie and I.  So grateful for everything. 

We just celebrated our tenth anniversary and think of our vows to each other and to God every day.  We are so grateful to have a place of worship, and a Pastor that takes us back to the time of Jesus; and for a brief moment we feel as if we were there.  Our church and the people in it are part of our family; always there for us or anyone in spiritual need...exactly what we need in our lives.  We love our church and we love Pastor Ron and his wife, Gay. 


Mike and Ann Marie Brown

Eric and Brenda

Having been members of Mt Baldy Village Church prior to getting married, we naturally wanted to exchange our wedding vows in the sanctuary, which is regularly attended by a warm congregation.  I still marvel at how lovely our church is with its large picturesque windows and stone walls.  From the wooden cross in front to the great ceiling beams, it resonates with the strength and purity of its natural beauty.  Upon completion of the required pre-marital counseling, we set the date.  Our wedding was modest, but not small.  There were 150 guests and it was the perfect size to accommodate those who attended the ceremony.  We marveled at the miracle of having so many people who have touched our lives over the years in the same place at the same time.  It was a day of joy, gratitude and thankfulness..

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