Movie Nights

What they are:

     Movie nights are a time for the youth of Mt Baldy and their friends to get together relax and have fun.  The Youth Leadership team selects movies; one for the older group and one for the yunger group.  Movies meet the selection criteria of family friendly and ratings appropriate for their audiances.  Kids are encouraged to bring movies from home that may replace the leadership teams selection or be used for a future movie night.  Drinks, pop corn and candy are shared during the intermission.  Afterwards the kids play outside or have games inside the church.  The evening is supervised by parents and/or the church pastor.

When are they?

​      Movie nights are held 5-7:15 PM, generally the second Friday night of each month.  The dates vary so that they do not conflict with school events or events at the church.  See the Calendar page for movie night dates. 

What they are not:

​     These evenings a community events and have no religious content.

Come for the experience, 


The Mt Baldy Youth Group is sponsored by the Mt Baldy Village Church which organizes events for the youth of the community.  The group is committed to being open to all youth regardless of religious affiliation, race, creed or orientation.  Events organized by the group with assistance from parents include: Movie Nights, Fishing and Hiking trips, Bowling Nights and others.

Leadership Meetings

Leadership Meetings are held each fourth Wednesday of each month after school and last approximately one hour.  Youth leaders are elected at the first Youth Group meeting following the beginning of each school year.  Leaders serve a one year term. 

Although the leadership meetings are primarily for the business of the group all Mt Baldy School Students and their families are welcome to the meetings.  See the Calendar page for dates and additional information