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Brick Maker Children's Mission; Pakistan 

The children of Pakistan's Brick Makers start at a young age in their work.  They are among the poorest of Pakistan.  Our Christian Mission in Pakistan provides shoes, food, and education both Christian and the basics to these children and to their parents.  Please help us to spread the Good News of Jesus to this region of the world

Mt Baldy Village Church Endowment Fund 

God's Word cautions that we should not give undue attention to the accumulation of earthly treasures, but instead to store our treasures in heaven (Matthew 6:19-20 ) and that good parents leave an inheritance for .their children (Proverbs 13:22).  With this Biblical support our church has expressed a desire to insure that this little church, we call home, should be a lasting place of worship in perpetuity.  Those who have been blessed with earthly gifts have provided a place to see this prayer become a reality.  Three kinds of gifts are provide for: 1) one time offerings such as an end of year tax deductible contribution 2) Yearly commitments and 3) Charitable Remainder gifts (usually part of a will).  

Donations to the Endowment Fund are placed in a Trust  that is managed by Thrivent Financial and supervised by a board of church members (not the church board that oversees the annual church budget).  This separation of the management and supervision of the trust along with the strict by-laws of the trust insure that gift principle funds will be used only to cover uninsured losses and pastoral transition expenses if necessary.  If you feel that preservation of an Interdenominational church in Mt Baldy is an important part of the fabric of our community, please support this effort with you donations.

Faiths For Peace ( 

We support the Faiths for Peace Initiative.  Please review the information detailing the mission and vision for this initiate at  If you decide after reviewing that information that you would like to make a contribution to its success please donate here.

Easter Seals Camp- San Bernardino CA 

Easter Seals Camp offer children and adults with disabilities the same excitement and activities available as other camps.  The camp we support is located at Camp Oaks in the San Bernardino Mountains.

Missions (Local Domestic Charities, Local Benevolence and Crisis Funds) 

Our Local Benevolent Fund covers expenses (usually less than $100) related to emergency assistance for community members such as our church Food Bank , Grocery Store or Gas Station Gift Cards .  Our Crisis Fund provides help when needs become greater than $100, such as a medical expense or home repair that can not be met through no fault of the recipient.  Gifts to local charities are directed through this account.

TriCord Mentors (Formerly Synseis Alliance International)

TriCord Mentors ( was founded by Reverend Ron Freeman after the Holy Spirit moved him to leave his position as Dean of the Azuza Pacific University School of Theology.  In his new work Ron works with Theological Schools around the world to provide superior training opportunities for native ministers to reach the local populations for Christ. Reverend Freeman is a past Pastor of Mt Baldy Village Church and was instrumental in inviting Pastor Thomas to be our pastor in 1998.

Habitat For Humanity 

Habitat For Humanity is a well known charity that helps many families break the cycle of poverty by building affordable no-profit housing.  More than 3 million people have benefited from this ministry. 

General Ministries and Community Programs

The General Ministry  of the church includes free Pastoral counseling  and referrals from our We Care Teamfor anyone in our Mt Baldy community, as well as those who we become aware of that do not have a church or family structure that can provide them with the support they need, to see them through a current trial.  Also included is our support for Community Children's Programs  such as Monthly Movie Nights,Summer Vacation Bible School, and our Community Christmas Play