Our new work  "Faiths for Peace", started last year, has reached over 2500 and opened doors to a new work with a Christian church in Pakistan.  Please pray that that work will bring a local Mosque into a partnership for peace.

The Faiths for Peace Forum video is posted on the FaithsForPeace.World web-site 

The forum was held July 22, 2015.  The video release has begun the new work in earnest.  Please pray for the success of it's peace mission.  The initiative has already been blessed with active members and prayer partners from both the Jewish and Muslim communities. 

Through this effort we hope to embrace and contend through this work to support humanitarian efforts to all oppressed people groups regardless of race, religion, orientation or other earthly label. Type your paragraph here.

Give Peace a chance,

htppt://www.Visit FaithForPeace.World

for details.

Come for the experience,