Are you in need of a Bible or Christian reading material? 

We have Bibles and Christian reading material in the shelves behind our sanctuary pews.  If you or a friend need a Bible, please take one to keep.  If you take a Christian reading book, please return it or a similar book when you are able.

Are you in need of immediate assistance? 

Our "We Care Team" is here to help.  We can help connect you with the resources you need and Pastoral counseling is available.  Please contact our church office (909-946-4366) or connect with us using the Connect page of this web-site

Are you seeking to connect with likeminded Christians? 

We don't have lattes or Mochas, but we have hot and cold beverages along with some small snacks waiting for you in our fireside area before and after each service to refresh you and to help you connect.  We also have a Potluck each 2nd Sunday after service, just like in the 'old days'.  Everyone's welcome whether you've brought something or not.

Come for the experience,