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Church Schedule

The Creek beside the church started running earlier this year after stopping for nearly two years due to the extended CA drought.  Sadly it has once again stopped.  We are praying for a wet and snowy winter season to restore this beautiful little stream.  

Streaming of all servicesWe are happy to announce that our services are available live on-line by visiting our Mt Baldy Village Church Facebook page.  Audio will not be available for the prayer portion of the service.  Prayer requests can be sent to:

Christmas Play

December 17; 6-8:45 PM

​Come and be a part of our Children's Christmas Playand program.

​There a place for everyone!  Children from newborns as Baby Jesus to Jr. High participate as cast members and angel choir members while High Schoolers work as cast, solo vocalists and as Backstage and Audio Visual effects as well as helping  to Live Video Stream and record our production.  Cast and Backstage members are deleated, created or changed  as required to make sure everyone can participate.  Rehearsals start November 20th for major parts.  The smallest parts can start as late as December 13th.

Community Happenings​

​​​​Pastoral Messages:

Pastor Ron's Messages

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Past ​​​​News:

2016 Christmas Play

Our play last year featured a cast and crew of 29; 7 Pre-School (including 2-month old Wolfgang who played baby Jesus) 10 Elementary, 8 Jr. High, 2 High School students and 2 adults.
​Thanks to the wonderful donations the 'Opportunity Drawing Event raised $1020, for our children's program (the first ever to surpassed $1000). Special thanks to our local businesses The Mt Baldy Lodge and Ski Lifts for their support.

Mt Baldy Village Church was established in 1953.  The church building was completed in 1959. 

​​​​​Mt. Baldy Junior (Grades 3-5) and Jr. High (Grades 6-8)

Movie Nights

​The next Junior  Movie Night will be November 10th; 5-7:00 PM

​The next Jr. High Movie Night will be December 8th; Time to be announced. 

G-PG Movies are shown to the Juniors and G-PG13 to the Jr. High Group.  All Movies must meet the community values and content rules of the church All Mt Baldy Community members, MBS Students and their friends are welcome.​​